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Welcome on the International Bayonet Association site. Our association and its site are entirely devoted to the bayonet and its natural extension... The firearm!
This website in in a constant evolution. It may be upgraded daily, depending of time to do that, to informations that reach us, and mainly depending of your participation. We have created a new file called "FRENCH REGULATION", devoted to the french laws concerning weapons. Sorry for the non french guies, but, even most of our members are non french people, they come from so many differents countries, we cannot know all the regulations. But if someone want to share specific informations about a regulation, a new text, what is allowed... what is forbidden in his own country, this file is open to him.
Gazette 39 will be sent to members next June 2014 15th. It contains many interesting articles. Some articles have informations never seen before in any media.
We also thank all of our members that provide informations sharing them with the bayonet collectors community. Don't hesitate to contact us.

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